Did you know that Texas native and veteran ABC journalist John Quinones has traveled the world and the country reporting on hundreds of stories during his illustrious career. Long ago he realized that the stories he was most attracted to had one thing in common - a shared focus on the goodness inherent in ordinary Americans. 

In his book "Heroes Amoung Us" he wrote a beautiful story about Brainna and her charity.  On page 63 he writes:
Brianna Vogel, of Austin, Texas, definitely understands the ripple effect.  She started doing some remarkable stuff when she was just five years old.  Brianna's brother, Devon, suffered common variable immune deficiency, a rare disease that ravaged his immune system.  When she visited him on the pediatric ward, they got bored because there wasn't much from for them to play with.  she got the idea to raise money to buy arts and crafts supplies to give all the kids in the hospital, as well as their visitors, something to do.

Briana started by collecting pennies from friends and family, and she told people to make donations instead of giving her birthday presents.  She then came up with an ingenious idea to find a hundred people who would raise $125 each to give to her cause.  she hoped that would be enough money to help other children's wards, too.  By the time she was eight, Brianna had set up a nonprofit foundation called Brianna's Pennies of Love.  So far, she's raised thousands of dollars to buy art supplies for kids in hospitals.  Her foundation continues to grow and she even gives lectures around Austin, at churches and businesses, explaining her cause.  She's an example to many.  

If you would like to order a copy of John's book you can visit http://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/heroes-among-us-john-quinones/1103372803


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